Breakthrough Performance Coaching Race Results: 4/23/16 – 5/15/16

Once again racing from 5K's to the Ironman distance, Breakthrough Performance Coaching Athletes continue to impress with their stellar results!

Top 5 Strategies to Crush Your Next FTP Test

FTP test…. A test where you are asked to ride your bike as hard as you can for twenty minutes straight. Most would think this test strictly evaluates your strength as a cyclist. However, in order for this test to be accurate, you need to have the mental fortitude to push yourself as hard as you can for twenty LONG minutes. From my perspective this sort of test is as much a test of mental strength as it is a test of physical strength.


Lower Variability Index for Greater Speed

Variability index (VI) is a measure of how consistent one’s power output is during cycling. In general a high VI is an indication of poor pacing and power application. However, there may be instances where performing a number of surges and generating a VI may be necessary. Continue reading to understand how you can use this tool to help target your training and race strategy.