Mental Strategies for Conquering Ironman

Training is hard, much harder than racing. Training you are alone most of the time, frequently squeezing in sessions at o’dark thirty, and you look a little strange decked out in a full racing kit on the trainer in your living room. Oh, and you are tired…damned, freaking, horror-show insomnia nightmare tired. There you are, all alone, kind of funny looking, and just plain exhausted…that’s when the voices start to get loud.

Race Fueling Plans

Breakthrough Performance coaches will take the guesswork out of race fueling. We will prepare a complete race-day nutrition strategy that will address all of your fueling demands - hydration, calories, and electrolytes. Your race fueling plan will be based on metabolic data we have collected from numerous athletes.  Addressing your fueling needs will enable you eliminate cramping, bonking, and GI distress.


Olympians and other top-level athletes have access to human performance labs where cutting-edge science, top trainers and coaches work to help them wring every bit of excellence from their bodies and minds. Breakthrough Performance Coaching is proud to announce we have purchased a metabolic cart to bring the performance lab to you.


Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your swim stroke or are running as efficiently as you can? Take the guesswork out of your technique with video analysis.