Top 5 Strategies to Crush Your Next FTP Test

FTP test…. A test where you are asked to ride your bike as hard as you can for twenty minutes straight. Most would think this test strictly evaluates your strength as a cyclist. However, in order for this test to be accurate, you need to have the mental fortitude to push yourself as hard as you can for twenty LONG minutes. From my perspective this sort of test is as much a test of mental strength as it is a test of physical strength.

The Perfect Race! What Next??

After spending some time contemplating the future, I knew that I needed to hit the pause button and celebrate my accomplishment. This was the first half ironman I’ve completed in 4 years — I PR’ed the course, was the first female amateur, and beat several of the pros in the field. I needed to be proud. I have worked HARD for this moment and dedicated countless hours training for this result. I earned it! And I needed to take the time to reflect and be proud of my accomplishments. It’s all about having goals and aspirations. They keep you motivated and excited about what the future might bring.


Mental Strategies for Conquering Ironman

Training is hard, much harder than racing. Training you are alone most of the time, frequently squeezing in sessions at o’dark thirty, and you look a little strange decked out in a full racing kit on the trainer in your living room. Oh, and you are tired…damned, freaking, horror-show insomnia nightmare tired. There you are, all alone, kind of funny looking, and just plain exhausted…that’s when the voices start to get loud.

My triumphant return to triathlon – making the best of ...

Ever had a perfect race, where everything unfolded exactly the way you envisioned it would? Some athletes can bring to mind one or two races over the course of their careers, where the stars seem to align and everything goes exactly according to plan. However, more often than naught, something unexpected happens on race day. These unpredictable obstacles present a test of mental fortitude, which often proves to be significantly more challenging than any physical test you face on race day. How you respond is ultimately up to you! With a certain mindset and mental preparedness, you can overcome any race day mishap and finish the day feeling successful.