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Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your swim stroke or are running as efficiently as you can? Take the guesswork out of your technique with video analysis.


  • Swim analysis*
    • HD video of your current swim stroke
    • Explanation of the proper freestyle stroke
    • Drills to improve your stroke
    • HD video of your stroke after corrections
    • “Report card,” your video, and video of proper mechanics

  • Run analysis*
    • HD video of your run gait
    • Explanation of proper running mechanics
    • Drills and exercises to improve your run form
    • Final video and “running report card”


*Your coach will travel up to 15 miles to meet at a convenient location for you.  Additional mileage is billed at the federal tax rate.  Other fees may apply, such as pool lane rental, etc.

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