Breakthrough Performance Coaching Race Results: 4/23/16 – 5/15/16

Once again racing from 5K's to the Ironman distance, Breakthrough Performance Coaching Athletes continue to impress with their stellar results!

Breakthrough Performance Coaching Race Results: 2/28/16 – 3/5/16

Over the past two weekends Breakthrough Performance Coaching Athletes have shined at the Hyannis Marathon/Half Marathon and Ironman New Zealand, strong work team!


Mental Strategies for Conquering Ironman

Training is hard, much harder than racing. Training you are alone most of the time, frequently squeezing in sessions at o’dark thirty, and you look a little strange decked out in a full racing kit on the trainer in your living room. Oh, and you are tired…damned, freaking, horror-show insomnia nightmare tired. There you are, all alone, kind of funny looking, and just plain exhausted…that’s when the voices start to get loud.