Race Reports

The Perfect Race! What Next??

After spending some time contemplating the future, I knew that I needed to hit the pause button and celebrate my accomplishment. This was the first half ironman I’ve completed in 4 years — I PR’ed the course, was the first female amateur, and beat several of the pros in the field. I needed to be proud. I have worked HARD for this moment and dedicated countless hours training for this result. I earned it! And I needed to take the time to reflect and be proud of my accomplishments. It’s all about having goals and aspirations. They keep you motivated and excited about what the future might bring.

Chicago Triathlon / Cory Albertson – First Sprint!

I recently participated in my first race, the sprint distance at the Chicago Triathlon. Just a few months ago the notion of completing a triathlon seemed unthinkable. I have my girlfriend Kimberly to thank for getting me into multi-sport. We are both graduate students with a lot on our plates so joining her to train for a triathlon seemed like a good way to spend time together. I hadn’t expected that I would enjoy the experience so much that I’d be the one rallying her to do the next one!


Ironman Lake Placid 2014 / Kevin Barton

Race day, I was excited and nervous. A bit surreal that the day was finally here. Doug and I met up with Jeff and Marc to head down to transition at 5:00, did a final check on the bike, pumped up the tires then drop off the special needs bike and run bags. After waiting at the condo with our teammates, we headed down to the water around 6:15 to begin a long day.

ITU World Championships 2013 / Kyle Medeiros

International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships is by far the biggest race I have competed at. It was a full week of racing and excitement. I have never seen a whole city get shut down for a race. Everywhere you looked, whether it was on the street or in the hotel there were triathletes in their country’s uniforms and banners advertising the race


Ironman World Championships 2013 / Marc Capobianco

It has taken me five years to return to the Big Island. I am beyond excited about being here. So the race on Saturday is just about getting out there and enjoying it. Sure, I certainly want to give it all I got, but there is no pressure, no need to hit a certain time or certain place. There are no expectations except crossing that line on Ali’i.