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Metabolic Testing
Olympians and other top-level athletes have access to human performance labs where cutting-edge science, top trainers and coaches work to help them wring every bit of excellence from their bodies and minds. Breakthrough Performance Coaching is proud to announce we have purchased a metabolic cart to bring the performance lab to you. This will allow us to get the inside info on your metabolism – the intensity at which you burn calories most efficiently, how efficiently your body uses oxygen – and help determine what kind of gains are possible with the right training.

There are four types of tests we can run to give you the inside track on achieving your full athletic potential: Resting Metabolic Rate, Race Performance, Anaerobic Threshold and VO2max. In all tests, the subject breathes through a mask and a sample of the expelled air is sent to a metabolic analyzer. The gas analyzer measures the volume of air expelled along with the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen to determine the utilization of substrates (carbohydrates and fat) at any given point in time.

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Race Fueling Test with comprehensive fueling plans for various race distances:

A Race Fueling test involves holding a steady pace on a treadmill or bicycle at your target race pace to determine your caloric expenditure and the make-up of those calories. The test will be repeated slightly above and below your target pace/power. By assessing the ratio of carbohydrate and fat utilization as a function of intensity, Breakthrough Performance coaches will take the guesswork out of race fueling. We will prepare a complete race-day nutrition strategy that will address all of your fueling demands- hydration, calories, and electrolytes. Addressing these needs will enable you eliminate cramping, bonking, and GI distress, to race to your potential!
Typical duration: Approximately 2 hours including setup
Cost: $325


Resting Metabolic Rate Test:
The resting metabolic rate test is designed to determine your baseline utilization of carbohydrates and fat. From these results we can precisely determine your daily calorie needs and metabolic efficiency. Using these data, a training program can be developed and adjustments made to your diet in consultation with a nutritionist in order to maximize fat burning.
Typical duration: Approximately 1 hour including setup
Cost: $175


VO2 Max Test:

A VO2 Max test involves a graded exercise test on a treadmill or bicycle. The test starts at a very easy level and increases intensity in one minute stages until the subject cannot continue. The test is short enough that aerobic capacity becomes the limiting factor, and the test is designed to determine the power or pace at which the athlete’s maximal oxygen consumption is obtained. From the test results estimates can also be made of aerobic capacity (which gives some insight into performance potential and provides optimal intensity for interval training), the athlete’s fat burning zone (the intensity at which fat burning is maximized), aerobic threshold (optimal intensity for endurance training), and anaerobic threshold (the red line, or the highest intensity at which lactic acid does not accumulate – optimal for tempo and threshold training).
Typical duration: Approximately 1 hour including setup
Cost: $175


Anaerobic Threshold Test:
An Anaerobic Threshold test is similar to a VO2 max Test in that it involves a graded exercise test on a treadmill or bicycle. The test starts at an easy level and intensity increases at a slower rate until the subject cannot continue. Using a longer test allows muscle fatigue to become a factor and gives a better approximation of the athlete’s fat burning zone. By taking more measurements within the aerobic zone, the athlete’s anaerobic threshold can be accurately determined to set more distinct training zones.

Typical duration: Approximately 1.5 hours including setup
Cost: $250


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