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Please use this calculator to determine your targets for the Patriot Half. The race calculator uses your weight, watts per kg, VI and a target TSS score to estimate your bike split based on our athletes’ performance on the Patriot Half course. The calculator only roughly takes into account the aerodynamics of the bike and the rider, and is not a guarentee of performance. It should be used in conjunction with your coach to determine a fueling and pacing strategy.


Distance: 56 miles

Elevation gain: ~700′

Accuracy: Generally within 5 min (R²=0.90)

Athete files feeding model: 18

  • Wednesday
  • The excess carbohydrates here should be complex carbohydrates. Lots of fruits, whole wheat, rolled oats, etc.
  • Thursday/Friday
  • The excess carbohydrates here should be simple, easily digestable carbohydrates. This includes things like jam, honey, white flour, etc. Try to limit your fiber intake. Your largest meals should be Thursday night and Friday morning. Taper off the calories throughout the day Friday.

This calculator was developed by Dave Sek. Please contact Dave with any questions.

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3 thoughts on “Race Calculator: Patriot Half

  • subbuv31

    This is so cool, very good resource and information. Question comes to my mind that should we increase the TSS or it remains the same for racing?

    • Dave Sek
      Dave Sek Post author

      By targeting a certain number of TSS points you’re attempting to balance being aggressive on the bike with your ability to run well off the bike with that amount of accumulated fatigue, and these are factors that should be taken into account when setting the TSS score. For most age group athletes, 175 TSS points appears to be the sweet spot. If you’re going into the race a little underprepared or it’s your first half, this number should be dialed down. If you’re an elite age grouper or an extremely strong runner, this number could be dialed up a bit. That said, with most athletes, I would hesitate to raise this number and instead have them save the effort for the run. Ultimately, your target TSS score should be a discussion you should have with your coach.