Dave Sek, Dana-Farber Cancer Research, Ironman WC 2014

UPDATE September 29th- Thanks to all your support, I’ve reached my goal! I’m looking forward to starting another campaign once I start training for Mont Tremblant next year. We’ll soon be posting some other athletes’ pages, so if you’re looking to make a donation, please either consider their causes or keep an eye out for my MT 2015 page. 
      With incredible gratitute,

In March I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. My progress is being actively monitored by the doctors at Dana-Farber. Because it was caught early, so far surgery has been the only treatment necessary, and I’ve been lucky to be able to return to a normal life after that brief setback. Based on the recommendations from the doctors at Dana-Farber, I was able to return to training in time to qualify for my third Ironman World Championships at Lake Placid in July.

Others aren’t so lucky, and it didn’t really strike me quite how fortunate I was until I went into Dana-Farber for my first followup. It was eye-opening walking through the halls of Dana-Farber and witnessing the strength of some of these patients and the generosity of the donors that have given them a fighting chance.

Through their support, Dana-Farber and Breakthrough Performance Coaching have enabled me to attempt my eight Ironman on October 11th. My goal is to raise $1,124.80 ($140.6 for each Ironman) in support of cancer research in the hopes that this will help others fulfill their dreams.

Please donate here: http://www.rundanafarber.org/2014/dave_ironmanwc2014

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