Cindy Aiena, Child-Life Program/Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at MGHfC, Boston Marathon

From Cindy Aiena:

In two short months I will be running in my ninth Boston Marathon.  Last year, thanks to you, we raised almost $7000 to support research and programs for Pediatric cancer.  And despite all the efforts, the war rages on, not yet won. But we are making great strides and there are successes every day – a child’s smile, breakthroughs in research, improved prognoses.  That’s why I remain proud and committed to running for MGH.  And trust me, with this winter, it takes that to keep going!!  But these kids didn’t choose their challenge.  They don’t get snow days as a break from the day to day struggle and they don’t get to decide that it’s just too hard.

One of the programs that impresses me so much that you are helping to fund is the Child-Life Program within the Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at MGHfC. “The program utilizes therapeutic play — including music and art therapy, massage and acupuncture — to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope emotionally and developmentally with their illnesses. This year, more patients than ever before utilized Child-Life services, an indication of the growing popularity of the programming, the recognition of its importance and the program’s ability to continue to expand its offerings — thanks in large part to philanthropic dollars.”  Delivering care to treat the physical disease is one thing and MGH is one of the best.  They go the extra distance, however, recognizing the holistic impact that the disease has on patients, their parents, siblings and other family members.  Those services however aren’t covered by insurance and yet they
are so key in the fight to get better.  Your support of this program and my efforts have meant so much to me over the years.  You are a dedicated group I have come to count on year after year.  I am so grateful for all the emotional and financial support over the years.

This year’s race is April 20th.  I hope that the snow has melted by that time but by no means confident!!

Please click on the link below and make your donation today.  Every dollar counts.  Training is ramping up so you will hear more from me in the coming weeks.



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