Kristen Lamb holds certifications from Ironman and USA Triathlon.  She has experience coaching sprint, olympic, half-iron and Ironman triathletes.  She co-manages the ride studio at Perfect Balance Conditioning in Salem, MA.
Her devotion to sports and fitness began at a young age. Developing a passion for soccer and ice hockey early on, she became a multi-sport collegiate athlete at St. Lawrence University.  In 2008 she became hooked on triathlon when she signed up for her 1st sprint and never turned back.  She competed in the Olympic distance at the AG World Championships in Auckland New Zealand and London with Team USA in 2012 and 2013.  Kristen received Honorable Mention recognition from USA Triathlon for the 2010 season and All American for years 2011 – 2017.   In 2014 her focus shifted to Ironman; she is a 4-time Ironman finisher including one World Championship finish in Kona after qualifying in Lake Placid in 2015.
Kristen lives in Marblehead, MA with her husband, Gunner, and two boys, Will and Carter.  She is no stranger to juggling training and coaching while spending time with her busy family.

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