Triathlon Trainers in Boston MA

Boston’s Triathlon Trainers

Athletes who are seeking a true test of their endurance and ability often choose to participate in a triathlon at least once. Because triathlons are some of the most physically demanding competitions on the planet, it is important to prepare your body and mind so that you are ready on race day. Sloppy preparation and half-baked training can result in injury or an incomplete race. At Breakthrough Performance Training, Boston residents have a coaching program that is tailor made to each performer. We ensure that each of our athletes reaches their maximum potential, no matter their skill level.

Our Training Program

Every athlete has a different experience level and a different body type, so it doesn’t make sense that one program would work for everyone. At Breakthrough Performance Coaching, we believe each individual requires an individual program in order to achieve their goals in a healthy, and efficient way.

Our coaches begin each program by interviewing the trainee to identify what their individual strengths, and weaknesses are. After establishing what drives the athlete, as well as what holds them back, our coaches develop a tailor made training program built around their lifestyle.

Why Choose Breakthrough Performance Coaching?

Our organization has won the Tri-Club Award every year since it was established and we also won the 2015 Tri Club Championship. We would be unable to do this without extensive knowledge of, and experience in Boston area competitions, as well as international triathlons.

Challenge Yourself to the Most Extreme Endurance Race Known to Man

Because Ironman events and, in fact, all triathlons involve extreme physical feats, it is important to be thoroughly prepared for the race. At Breakthrough Performance Coaching our coaches leave each of our athletes prepared physically and mentally for the race of their lives.

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